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Training Guidance

I will help you train your horse after the laminitis, so it won't suffer a relapse. The plan will be individuell for your horse and with so many steps your horse needs to recover. 

Diet Plan

Your horse needs to lose weight but i

t won't work as it should?
Your horse is stressed and really

doesn't feel well with it? 

Maybe it isn't the right diet for it. Did you know, that there are different types of diets, so we can choose the diet that works best for your horse.
It is so important to have a good diet plan, that doesn't let the horse suffer and let the horse loose the weight at the same time!

Laminitis Assistance

I know how hard the time is when your horse has laminitis. The owner often feel overwhelmed and helpless. I'm here to help you through that time. Ask me every question you have, you will never get the feeling that you're question isn't worth to be asked.
I will assist you with what helps the horse at what time, what is the right thing to do and what can you, as owner, do to help the horse. 

How do you read a X-Ray?

Your vet is talking about the X-Rays of your horse und you don't understand a thing? Let me help you and explain to you, what you can see and what it means on the X-Ray. 

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