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Diet Plan

Every horse can lose weight.

Overweight is not just unhealthy for a horse, it can tend to arthrosis and worse problems like equine metabolic syndrome or even laminitis. 


Often the horse owner wants the horse to lose the overweight as quick as possible. They don't realize how important it is that the horse loses the weight slow but steady. If the horse loses the weight to fast and has to survive a intermittent starvation not only the nature of the horse can react really bad, it can also lead to gastric ulcers, which is a really big problem. It helps the horse a lot to have the right diet plan, so the body can adjust to the process. There are quite a few different ways to help the horse lose the excess weight. With my help you will find the right way for your horse.

Maidy before and after diet

How do I find the right diet for your horse? 

  • First I need to know, how is the eating habit from your horse. 

  • How often does it gets hay, how much and how much time does it need to eat it. 

  • Does your horse eats in a short interval or a long interval.

  • How much overweight does it have. 

  • What quality is your hay. 


On these Information I will find the right diet plan for your horse. During this time we will adjust the plan through the process of your horse.

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