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Acute Laminitis Assistance

I will be there.

Through the years I learned a lot of things about the handling of liminitis. How you can help reduce the pain and help the horse as the owner. 

The importance of the right ground for the hoof. 

And what a owner can do to help the horse until the vet comes.


You are not alone.

Laminitis has many faces. For the owner the assortment of measures can be confusing. Let me help you find the best for your horse in this situation. 

Sometimes even a person who is there for you and hears you is what you need.

What I do for you during the acute laminitis
  • I will help you considering the possibilities, measures and treatment for your horse. So we find the right way for you and your horse. 

  • You can ask me every question without judgement from me. 

  • We make a plan how to handle the laminitis. 

  • We talk about the future and how to make the life with laminitis work. What will have to change and what you can do to improve the health of your horse so you minimize a relapse or another acute laminitis. 

  • I will also help you if your horse has a subclinical laminitis.

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