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Welcome to

My name is Anna Sander and I am the owner of Hippomove.

Hippomove is about supporting you and your horse on your way.

  • In the process of getting the excess weight of your horse under control.

  • To be able to offer your horse the best possible care during its acute laminitis.

  • Or managing with a horse that has Equines Metabolic Syndrome.

Everything based on scientific knowledge and my personal experience.

What I can do for you

I offer individual advice on site or by phone.

Before taking a detailed anamnesis, I analyze the overall situation of keeping, feeding and nutrition, training, age, gender, hoof trimming and create an individual plan from this.

About me

I'm Anna and owner of the Fjordhorse mare Maidy. 

We have come a long way together. She is my greatest teacher and shows me that even the smallest details can make a big difference in everyday life. Both positive and negative.

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